What better way to increase the positive culture around reading than incentivizing students with a friendly competition? Colton Middle School is hosting its first ever Reading Plus Derby Competition. For the next few weeks, students are competing against the other cohorts on Reading Plus. The cohort with the highest scores, who makes the most progress on the derby track posted in the CMS commons area, will win a pizza party!

 This year, CMS has adopted an adaptive online software program called Reading Plus. The program offers students hundreds of reading opportunities at their reading level and based on their interests. The program tracks their mastery of 9 skills and adapts to them as they complete reading, vocabulary and fluency lessons. 

Each day, students are excited to see how far their cohort’s horse has moved on the Derby track. This Derby Competition is one of several competitions taking place this year that are reinvigorating students’ desire to read and is truly reinventing the culture of reading at CMS.