Student Expectations

Parent/Guardian Expectations

  • Students should be spending one hour per day per course Monday through Friday working on each course. It may take more or less time depending on the student.

  • The syllabus for each course contains a recommended pacing guide. We highly recommend that you print off the guide and put in dates so that you complete on time.

  • Daily communication with teachers and weekly progress in your course is expected. If students are not checking in, they may be dropped for truancy.

  • Students should reach out to their teachers if they are having trouble. The best thing you can do is ask for help!

  • Ensure that my child answers all emails related to school and demonstrates progress weekly.

  • Provide a place and time at home for my child to study and do schoolwork.

  • Monitor the progress of my child.

  • Work with the school by communicating regularly, attending virtual meetings, sharing concerns or questions about my child’s progress,

    and promoting school success.

  • Read, sign, and return all school forms.

  • Talk, read, and/or write with my child every day.

  • Ensure sleeping, eating, and healthy habits that help my child be ready to learn.


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