Colton Virtual Academy

Welcome to Learn at Home Oregon brought to you by Colton Virtual Academy

Learn at Home Oregon is a 9-12 Home-based Distance Education Program and is not just another virtual school. The Program sits under the umbrella of Colton Academy, developed by the Colton School District, is free for all students living anywhere in Oregon and has been specifically designed with the learner in mind.

 Learn at Home Oregon was also created to meet the needs of families in Oregon who face changing circumstances for in-person school opportunities, or who want more flexibility to enroll in a school that offers a full curriculum geared toward learning in a home-based environment that is not strictly digital. CSD offers an e-Core program from the same program platform.  The Program provides opportunities to study in various settings from the comfort of your own home, while learning through proven models with the support of a dedicated teacher.

Importance of Options for Students

Colton School District is committed to providing options to optimize student learning.  Colton Online an individualized education to every student who enrolls.  The district firmly believes that each child has a unique set of talents and we provide a full range of instructional programs and styles to develop each student’s strengths and strengthen any academic weakness they may experience along their journey.

In a partnership with Greenways Academy, Colton Virtual Academy will be driven by independent core learning with both synchronous and asynchronous learning. Students will work at their own pace.  Students will have access to teacher support throughout the school week.  In addition to core courses, students will have access to expansive offerings of elective courses including virtual internships, foreign languages, specialty subjects and CTE courses.

Much of this constant adaptation of the curriculum to meet an individual student’s needs happens daily within our classrooms.   If a student has needs that go beyond what can be provided in the regular classroom, we have a full range of programs that are available.

If you feel your child has needs that could benefit from this program or if you just would like to discuss your child’s education please feel free to contact the online school registrar, Mary Wilson.

For more information, contact Mary Wilson at or call (503)-824-2311