Welcome to Colton Elementary School and Viking Country!

Colton Elementary School is a small, rural elementary school tucked into the foothills of the Cascades in Western Oregon. Currently, we have 12 teachers serving approximately 265 students grades K-5, and, while we are small, we are still mighty! We have several staff members who are newer to our district and our school, however we also have many who have more than a decade of experience in our district, and some quite a bit more. The fact that we retain so many of our staff members for so many years is a source of pride for us and makes it clear that our staff members choose to be here at Colton. We take great pride in who we are and the quality of education we can provide our students.

Here at CES we have high expectations of our students and staff, asking all members of our school community to be responsible, respectful, and kind. It is our goal to do our best to prepare our students for their next steps and that includes supporting them as well as challenging them in order to build those necessary skills. A student's path to Graduation begins their first day of Kindergarten and continues throughout grade school. School is not without challenge and any time our students have the opportunity to build the skills they will need to persevere we want to be there to encourage their growth. Learning, after all, is all about growth. Seeing our students grow from year to year in their academic, college/career-readiness, and social/emotional skills is our main focus. Please find more information regarding our fantastic school throughout our website or feel free to contact us directly with questions. Welcome to Viking Country and we hope to see you around!

Colton Elementary School

30437 S. Grays Hill Road

Colton, OR 97017