Athletic Participation Policies

CHS Viking Athletics

CHS is proud to offer a variety of sports for our students as we recognize that participation in sports helps develop skills like teamwork, communication, discipline, and much more. However, participating in sports is a privilege that must earned and maintained. Our student-athletes are held to a higher expectation as they are a representation of Colton High School and the Colton Community. Please see the following information regarding OSAA participation rules and requirements. GO VIKS! 


To be eligible to participate in any organized interscholastic athletic program at Colton High School:

Per OSAA guidelines the student must have passed at least five classes the previous semester.

(Incoming freshmen are automatically eligible at the beginning of the school year). Students must be

on track to graduate i.e. Sophomores 4.5 credits, Juniors 11.0 credits, and Senior 18.5 credits.

Per OSAA and CHS guidelines, all students must maintain at least a 2.00 GPA and be passing at least five classes at

each designated grade check. Athletes must be in school the entire day of an event or if there is no school that day, the day prior.

Medical appointments require a doctor's note to be excused.


The following forms must be filled out, signed by all parties, and returned to the CHS main office prior to the first day of practice: Athletic Participation Packet (see form below), Code of Conduct (see form below), a current physical (see form below),  sport-specific cautionary statement (found in main office only), and pay-to-participate fee.

All of these forms can also be found in the main CHS office

There are specific rules for home school students regarding athletic eligibility. Inquire at the CHS office

for OSAA guidelines.