Good Afternoon Colton Families, Staff, Students and Community Members:

In order to focus on the future, the district is partnering with the school board to
create a long-term facility improvement plan. The Colton school board and our
school district acknowledge the need to address some significant capital
improvements. The board is interested in determining with communication and
community involvement where the Colton Community would vote on a potential
bond levy. The CSD School Board and District Leadership Team would like to assess
further ways to reach out to families for feedback on the need for a bond levy. There
are several areas we have identified that will help us to accomplish this goal. We
would appreciate and value your input so as to provide for future planning.

The district leadership and the school board are asking that you complete the survey on the district website:

The improvement process would potentially require the district to partner with our
community in asking for support to complete these facilitated maintenance projects, aging
structures, campus infrastructure and campus improvements. The support would require
the partnership of our community with the district to focus on future generations of Colton
students and families.

We want to keep Colton Schools moving forward. I appreciate the support as we
move into building our future.

Go Vikings!

Colton School Board and Superintendent