Aligning for Student Success: Integrated Guidance for Six ODE Initiatives

This initiative is responsive to hundreds of requests from educational and community leaders that ODE makes a step toward aligning and integrating separately created federal and state educational investments focused on educational innovation and improvement. This new guidance is provided more than a year ahead of when applications under this guidance will be submitted to ODE in March 2023. The timing of the release is intended to give the time needed for grant applicants (districts and schools) to prepare and operationally align their internal planning for these state and federal programs.

This guidance integrates six aligned programs:

▪ High School Success (HSS)

▪ Student Investment Account (SIA) within the Student Success Act

▪ Continuous Improvement Planning (CIP)2

▪ Career and Technical Education - Perkins V (CTE)

▪ Every Day Matters (EDM)

▪ Early Indicator Intervention Systems (EIIS)

More information can be found on the Oregon Department of Education Innovation and Improvement site.