Communicable Disease Management

Colton School District has  a set of plans around communicable disease prevention and management in the school setting.

The Communicable Disease Management Plan is the parent document to the set of plans which also include the Pandemic Plan, Exposure Control Plan and COVID-19 Specific Measures. 

  • The Communicable Disease Management Plan outlines the statutory and policy obligations that the school district must follow for prevention measures such as screening, isolation and exclusions related to symptoms of illness or notifiable diseases and addresses district specific processes.

  • The Exposure Control Plan outlines the obligations the district has as an employer to have practices related to exposure of  potentially infectious materials in the school setting  and specific practice areas such as protection, prevention, clean up and exposure response.

  • The Pandemic Plan is a framework for planning for novel illness in the school setting and non-pharmaceutical interventions that can be employed for safety

  • The Tiered Communicable Disease Response Framework provides a tiered response based on significant communicable disease indicators.