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    2019-20 Proposed Budget 

    2018-2019 Approved Budget  

    2019-2020 Community Budget Guide  


    The Budget Committee in Colton is a group of 5 community volunteers who work together with the board each spring to help create the budget for the following school year. A member's term is 3 years and the committee will meet approximately 3-4 times, March through May.



    Scott Germany

    Email: germanys@colton.k12.or.us

    Term ends: June 30, 2021


    Candice Smith

    Email: smithc@colton.k12.or.us

    Term ends:  June 30, 2021


    Nina Baurer

    Email: bauern@colton.k12.or.us

    Term ends:  June 30, 2022


    Danielle Quintana

    Email: quintanad@colton.k12.or.us

    Term ends:  June 30, 2022




    For more information on what a Budget Committee is and what is does, visit the OSBA Website, or you can call the district office at 503-824-3535.