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  • Open Enrollment Deadline - April 1st, 2017


    Kindergarten Roundup is Monday, May 1st!


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    2016/2017 DISTRICT GOALS

     To promote a sense of school spirit we will… 

    1. Improve community relations, invest in extra curriculum programs, increase employee retention, implement the physical education policy, and update district wide policies.
    2. All students will demonstrate appropriate individual growth in Literacy as indicted by the Measures of Academic Progress(MAP)*.
    3. All students will demonstrate appropriate individual growth in Mathematics as indicated by Measures of Academic Progress(MAP)*.
    4. 2016/2017 Colton High School Completer rate will be at least 90%.
         a. Colton School District will provide a continuum of intervention to support success for all students.

    (*MAP is our District-wide assessment system to determine if students are at grade level in Reading and Math.)




Degrees and Certifications:



Debbie is the heart of the school.  We would not function without her.  The students adore and respect her, as do the staff.  Debbie has an incredible work ethic, i.e.: on-time, works efficiently, handles a ton of different tasks with grace, and when she does anything it is always done well.  We can always rely on her.  Her sense of humor brightens my day every day and I know the tone she sets in the office brightens the day for others as well.


Synove is quiet and respectful during every lesson and contributes at appropriate times.  She respects the teacher’s time and resources.  When it is time for work, she is quiet and respects her classmate’s time.  Synove is a strong leader.  She keeps group work on task and reminds classmates to stay focused.  Whenever someone needs help, she will work with them until they understand.  Synove works hard consistently and is determined to keep a 4.0 GPA and will work until she understands and has succeeded.

Synove is always on task and focuses when it comes to learning.  She always pays attention in class so that she learns as much as she can about what we are learning.  Synove is a very quiet person so she doesn’t get recognized for her achievements as much as other students because she is always on task (this doesn’t seem fair).  Synove is respectful to the students, staff and teachers around her.  She always tries to help others when she can.  Also, she always pays attention to teachers when they are instructing.

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