Annual Volunteer Health Screenings are replaced this year by vision screenings from Oregon Lions and Dental Screenings and education from Neighborhood Health Centers. 

     Vision Screenings


    Vision Screenings for elementary students will be conducted by Oregon Lions this year.   

    Thursday October 24, 2019  at Colton Elementary

    Dental Screening, Selants & Education for Elementary Students


    Dental Education March 2 & 3,  2020

    Dental Sealants March 10, 11 & 12, 2020




    "It takes a community – parents, teachers, medical professionals and you – to prevent sudden cardiac arrest in young people. Increased access to automated external defibrillators, education on cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and youth cardiac screenings will save lives." - Providence Heart and Vascular Institute

    Thank you  to Providence Heart and Vascular Instite for screening more than 120 of our students from Colton High School and Colton Middle School during the November 2017 screening event!

    We will be partner with Providence Play Smart for free youth cardiac screenings for all kids  12-18 in the Colton Community every other academic year. The next screening will be:


    January 10, 2020

    7:30 am - 3:00 pm 

    at Colton High School

    Play Smart, sponsored by Providence Heart and Vascular Institute, provides:

    • Free heart screenings for youths ages 12 to 18, which include:
      • Questionnaire
      • Blood pressure measurement
      • Electrocardiogram
      • Echocardiogram if needed
    • Resources to learn more about sudden cardiac arrest and heart disease prevention
    • A community for learning and sharing

     To learn more about Play Smart  please visit their webpage or watch this clip

    To participate, please ensure that your students consent form is completed, signed and returned on the date of the screenings. 


    Thank you to our current and past  sponsors and participants for annual School Health Screenings and Services to Colton Students:

    LIN   NHC              CPC               DOM                                              CCC    lions    Prov

     Linfield College School of Nursing*Neighborhood Health Centers*Colton High School  Medical Opportunities & Colton Parent Club*The Dentist Off Main* Clackamas Community College School of Nursing *Providece Health Services



    General Vision  & Dental  Information

    Catching and treating vision problems is one of the best ways to prepare children for visual tasks in school.  Vision impairments are a common cause of delayed learning and are often easily treatable.

    Overall physical health including  oral health are  very important  factors in a child's ability to focus and learn. 

    Early intervention of both oral and vision issues improve and motivate student success.

    Annual vision and dental screenings are provided in the school setting for elementary students.  Students not participating should have a screening certification for completed if 7 & younger or an Opt-Out form if  older than 7.

    Recent Oregon laws ( 2013 & 2015) require parents to provide statements of vision screening and dental screening to the school of enrollment unless: 
        * Seeking vision or dental access directly opposes religious beliefs.
        * Prior certification has been provided.
        * Vision or dental access is a burden as defined by the state board of education.                                                                             
    Vision Screening Certification
    Vision Screening Certification-Spanish
    Dental Screening Certification
    Dental Screening Certification- Spanish

    Opt-Out School Sponsored Health Screenings Ages 7&up

    Income-Based Vision Resources
    The Founders Clinic
    KEX- Kids Fund via Oregon Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation

    Income Based Dental Resources
    Clackamas County Dental Access
    Salud Clinic

Last Modified on November 21, 2019