Employee FMLA/OFLA Information

  • Dear Employee,

    If you have inquired to the District that you were requesting a leave of absence, or the District learned you may need a leave of absence that may qualify under the Oregon Family Leave Act (OFLA) and/or the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), on behalf of the District, I wish to extend you our support. At the same time, stress how important it is for you and the District to communicate throughout this process. Leaves of absence that qualify for family medical leave will be provided to you in compliance with the law and your collective bargaining agreement.

    Please complete the FMLA/OFLA Application, and submit the form to Human Resources at the District Office. Within five working days of receipt of your request the district office will provide written notification if a Medical Certification Form is required to be filled out by your doctor and returned to Human Resources. Please review School Board Policy GCBDA/GDBDA-AR(1) for greater details on FMLA/OFLA leave

    It is your responsibility to complete and return the FMLA/OFLA application and accompanying documentation (appropriate medical form) to the District office within 30 calendar days prior to a known event or within 15 calendar days after an unplanned event: otherwise, your protected leave status may be revoked. The consequences of you not providing a complete and timely Medical Certification Form includes that your absence may not be protected under the law. If your absence is not protected, it may be counted as an incident of absenteeism and discipline may follow for excessive absenteeism. If you need assistance or have additional questions please contact Human Resources at 503.824.3535 or email hr@colton.k12.or.us


    Oregon Family Leave Act Overview

    Federal Family Leave Act Overview



    Below are the FMLA/OFLA forms needed to request a leave of absence. These forms can be mailed, scanned, or faxed to the District Office. (Fax- 503.824.3530)

    STEP 1 - All employees requesting a Leave of Absence need to complete an FMLA/OFLA Leave Request Form Click here to download the form you will need to fill out 

    STEP 2 You must have the Certification of Health Care Provider completed by the treating physician and submit to District Office no later than 30 days prior to the anticipated leave start or no more than 15 days after an emergency/unplanned leave.

    Employees own serious health condition (including maternity) - Click here to download the form you need to have your doctor fill out.

    Family member's serious health condition - Click here to download the form you will need to have the doctor fill out.

    Military Family Leave (Employee) - Click here to download the Exigency Leave federal form

    Military Family Leave (Family Member) - Click here to download the Exigency Leave federal form


    Once the forms listed above in Step 1 and Step 2 are received at the District office, you will be notified of approval and designation of leave. Additional information regarding FMLA/OFLA protected leave may be found in the Colton School District Board Policies or by calling Colton Schoold District HR at 503.824.3535.