• All Colton School District (CSD) schools and students are instructed on emergency procedures so that everyone can respond to an emergency without confusion or panic. All students and staff drill the emergency procedures several times each year. Colton School District utilizes drills and procedures developed and described by The "I Love You Guys" Foundation. Drills that are regularly practiced in the district include:

    Lock Down: A Lock Down secures students, staff, and volunteers within classrooms while leaving entrances open for emergency personnel and law enforcement to clear the building.

    Lock Out: A Lock Out secures and locks the building's entryways while safely sheltering all students, staff, and visitors inside the school building. This drill allows the school day to continue within the building.

    Evacuate: An Evacuation requires students, staff, and visitors to relocate to another area in the event of a fire, earthquake, or other emergency situation.

    Shelter: A Shelter requires students and staff to take shelter inside the school in the event that hazardous materials are released into the atmosphere, or extreme weather circumstances exist.

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