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    1.) Support Professional Growth & Instructional Effectiveness

    • Focus on supporting student growth through an effective instructional program
    • Work in collaboration with administration and employee groups to enhance evaluation, training and compensation systems in order to attract and sustain a quality professional staff for all students within budget limitations

    2.) All students will demonstrate appropriate individual growth in Literacy as indicted by the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP). 

    • Implement Literacy Plan to fidelity
    • All students will be reading at grade level by the end of the 3rd grade.
    • All educators will utilize data to inform teaching, learning and leading
    • Implement Technology Plan to fidelity with a focus on instructional technology

    3.) All students will demonstrate appropriate individual growth in Mathematics as indicated by Measures of Academic Progress (MAP).

    • Implement the new Math curriculum to fidelity
    • Increase activities/programs/opportunities in STEM
    • All educators will utilize data to inform teaching, learning and leading
    • Implement Technology Plan to fidelity with a focus on instructional technology

    4.) Colton School District Graduation Rate will be at least 90%.

    • Focus on College and Career Readiness Standards District Wide
    • RTI model implemented to fidelity
    • Focus on preparing all students for high school graduation and beyond
    • Increase partnerships with local businesses and colleges to promote CTE programs, internships, dual credit options and school to work programs
    • Increase student grade level achievement at each grade level



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STUDENT WINNER:  Caleb Behrens

Caleb is a role model for all students and staff. He has outstanding behaviors and does his best to help out all students. During lunch (Caleb did not see me), a student did not have a lunch for the day and said that they were fine.  Caleb took food out of his lunch and gave it to the student. Caleb is a very considerate young man.  The way that he interacts with staff is only of respect. He also is a team player. Caleb played football in the fall and basketball this winter. His effort level during games and practice are at a very high level. His coaches speak very highly of him.

This is Caleb’s first year as part of Student Council and he has truly embraced the role of STUCO President and has developed into a leader of his peers. Much is expected of the STUCO President and Caleb has risen each time to meet challenges throughout the year. I admire Caleb’s desire for self-improvement which can be observed in a variety settings at school. Individual growth is often attained when accomplishing a task outside of one’s comfort zone.  This is true for Caleb as he has learned how to speak before large groups (the entire school) and how to plan and organize large events (school dances, fundraisers, etc.). I have enjoyed watching Caleb grow over the past six months from a person who leads by example to a confident young man who leads with a distinguished voice and a quiet confidence that elevates the performance of those around him.

 Caleb is an amazing, humble STUCO President. He listens and takes ideas from student council members and students in the school. He has come to me many different times to present ideas and asks for advice. It has been a pleasure working with him to better CMS. He has the ability to speak in front of students and staff. His ability to organize and manage student events has been incredible.

In the classroom, Caleb is an excellent student. He has high standards for himself and puts forth the required effort to meet those standards. He frequently asks questions for clarity and demonstrates a desire to learn. Perhaps, equally impressive is Caleb’s ability to help other students learn. He is patient and has a knack for teaching his peers.

 Academics are very important to Caleb. He is very involved in his learning. He advocates for himself about learning. We have had discussions about his plans after high school. He is goal oriented and driven to be a successful human in life. He currently is a student assistant for Mrs. Bouck.  He assists a 6th grade PE class and does a wonderful job.

 Humility. Despite the numerous awards and much deserved special recognition he has received over the years, Caleb remains humble and respectful to all of his peers and school staff. Keeping one’s ego in check is not only difficult for a young person developing an identity, it is challenging for adults as well. It is inspiring to witness how Caleb has remained grounded and true to his himself and to his values and beliefs.

 STAFF WINNER:  Shannon Earls

This year, Shannon Earls took over the huge job of Elementary School Secretary.

Not only did she take over an enormous responsibility, but she took it over in the middle of the school year. She had no time to "ease" into it, she need to be up and running from her first day.

Despite the busy nature of the job and the challenge of learning a new position, Shannon has remained calm, cool, and collected.  She never seems overwhelmed or unsure.  Although she is constantly interrupted throughout her day, she never acts like it is an inconvenience or disruption to her.

As parents, we place a lot of trust in the face at the front desk.  Although everyone was sad to see Shannon's predecessor move on to another position, we were so thrilled to know Shannon would be the new face we could trust!  Shannon already had a relationship with many of the students that she has been able to carry forward in her work. She is warm and welcoming when parents come in.

Shannon is doing an excellent job in her new position!


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  • School Based Health Center

    Welcome Clackamas County Health Centers to Colton School District! The Grand Opening for our new school based health center is at Colton High School on Thursday, November 2nd from 9 AM – 1 PM. The clinic will be open every Thursday from 9 AM – 1 PM for students K-12. We are very excited for this partnership to better serve our community. Please see the attached flyer to learn more information about the clinic and how to schedule an appointment.

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