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    CHANGE IN SNOW DAY MAKE-UP CALENDAR - Colton School District received a 14 hour inclement weather waiver from ODE. The following Friday Make-up Days are removed from the calendar: April 21 and June 9 (NO SCHOOL). This is dependent upon no further emergency closures this year. 



    17-18 Proposed Budget


    1st Budget Committee Meeting Agenda - April 17, 2017



    1.) Support Professional Growth & Instructional Effectiveness: With a focus on supporting student growth through an effective instructional program, work in collaboration with administration and employee groups to enhance evaluation, training, and compensation systems in order to attract and sustain a quality professional staff for all students within budget limitations.

    2.) All students will demonstrate appropriate individual growth in Literacy as indicted by the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP). 

    • Implement Literacy Plan to fidelity
    • All students will be reading at grade level by the end of the 3rd grade
    • All educators will utilize data to inform teaching, learning, and leading
    • Implement Technology Plan to fidelity with a focus on instructional technology

    3.) All students will demonstrate appropriate individual growth in Mathematics as indicated by Measures of Academic Progress (MAP).

    • Implement the new Math curriculum to fidelity
    • Increase activities/programs/opportunities in STEM
    • All educators will utilize data to inform teaching, learning, and leading.
    • Implement Technology Plan to fidelity with a focus on instructional technology

    4.) Colton School District Graduation Rate will be at least 90%.

    • Focus on College and Career Readiness Standards District Wide
    • RTI model implemented to fidelity
    • Focus on preparing all students for high school graduation and beyond
    • Increase partnerships with local businesses and colleges to promote CTE programs, internships, dual credit options, and school to work programs
    • Increase student grade level achievement at each grade level







Degrees and Certifications:



Brandon Salsman is a dedicated educator for the Colton School District. Brandon volunteers many hours outside of his work day to help kids. Brandon created a Spanish club that has 30 members for the middle school.  He once again volunteers to manage this club once a week before schools as well as the hours he puts in to prepare for the club meetings and activities. Brandon is in charge of student council for the middle school. This organization also meets at least once a week. Student council plans for most of the activities that take place at the middle school. When Branden came to the middle school, there was 2 assembly’s a year and not very many activities. With Brandon managing student council, we have activities for students every months as well as monthly PBIS assemblies and dances every 1-2 months.  He is an outstanding educator and an amazing teacher to the middle school students.  Brandon is well respected and liked by his peers and students.  He does some many good things for the school district.  This would be a great way to show our appreciation for all of the hard work he puts in.  

Brandon volunteers to do many before school, during lunch, and after school activities for the students.  He does this without compensation and for the better of the whole student body.  Brandon organizes things for middle school and contributes in multiple areas.  He has been on several committees the past few years for the purpose of improving the school and every person in the building.  I have never heard Brandon complain.  He brings a positive attitude to the building regardless of the challenges of the day.


Monique is a hard worker with a great head on her shoulders. She always has a smile on her face, is kind to everyone (never has a bad word to say about anyone!), and she is completely down to earth and approachable. Monique asks for help when she needs it and has been a fantastic Senior role model for juniors and underclassmen. A whole school full of Moniques would be the happiest place on earth, no joke!


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