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School in session on these Fridays in 2013-14

  • September 6
  • November 15
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  • February 28 (snow day makeup)
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The Colton School Board is seeking input from District voters regarding a possible bond measure for this November's ballot. The bond may address security needs, school roofs, or both. Please follow the link below to respond to a three question survey which details two possible bond proposals.

Survey Link: Bond Survey



Registration day is Thursday, August 14th from 11am to 7pm. Pictures for ID cards will be taken that day.
Picture retakes will be on September 16th at 8:45am.

School Supply bags will be sold for $25 each, same as last year but with new Viking Logo bags.



Deputy Strand, School Resource Officer (SRO) on the move!


Deputy Strand has been busy keeping Colton Schools and Community safe. He often speaks in classrooms. Recently, Deputy Strand assisted with a lesson regarding Search and Seizure law. In another class he fielded questions the students had prepared regarding future careers in Law Enforcement and in another, he discussed traffic laws and safe driving practices. He often fields student and community questions about various things (including but not limited to) the law, his equipment and possible careers in law enforcement.

On Deputy Strand’s first day of school a person non-related to the school approached his patrol car. The person placed a used cigarette on his patrol car; Principal Crane talked with the person. This person then caused a disturbance by removing his shirt and swinging it above his head while yelling random statements. The person was cited regarding this incident. Deputy Strand has made several other non-school related arrests in the area of the schools. These arrests in turn help keep the community safe which helps keep the schools safe.

In addition to the arrests, Deputy Strand took a juvenile runaway into protective custody and transported him to Clackamas County Juvenile for his parents to come pick him up. There have been several traffic accidents that he was able to respond quickly to, assist injured people and help with the investigation that followed. Some of these accidents have involved Colton students and their families. Deputy Strand has also assisted our school with investigations related to child abuse, assault/harassment and other various crimes involving students. These investigations may occur on or off campus. He is able to investigate threats made by students against other students and faculty.

Deputy Strand typically starts his day at CES. He patrols traffic and reminds people to drive slowly in front of the school. He interacts with parents and students whenever possible. He alternates between CHS and CMS during morning arrival times. He watches for drivers violating the traffic code such as disregarding the crosswalk. He has issued citations for traffic related violations. Deputy Strand attends lunch time at each school on a rotating schedule where he talks with students, answers their questions and assists the staff with general supervision. Throughout the afternoon he monitors the campuses. At the end of the student day he is back at the schools watching over the students as they leave school each day.

Based on Deputy Strand’s observations and experiences in Colton so far, he enjoys his time with students and finds Colton to be a very nice community. If you see Deputy Strand be sure to wave hello and if you get a chance introduce yourself.